Press Release

Brady Qualifies to be on the November Ballot

June 1, 2018


CONCORD -- Helen Brady, candidate for State Auditor has secured over 5,000 certified signatures to be qualified as a candidate for the November General Election. "I am very excited and honored to officially be on the ballot for State Auditor. It is about time that we, the taxpayers, take an active role in how our hard earned money is being spent by the powerful Beacon Hill politicians. That is why a private citizen like myself has chosen to get into this race. Voters can be assured that I will take an aggressive role in rooting out wasteful spending and stand up for the taxpayers of Massachusetts," said Brady. "This brings myself and other taxpayers another step closer to re-energizing the office of State Auditor."

Brady currently is the Boston Pops Sales & Business Director at the Boston Symphony Orchestra, where she has been employed for the past thirty years. On top of a successful career at the BSO, Brady serves on the Steering Committee for Women at UMASS, serves on the Board of Registers in Concord and actively supports Holy Family Parish in Concord, the Concord Conservatory and many other local organizations in her community.