Press Release

Brady Reacts To Bump's Gubernatorial Endorsement

CONCORD -- Helen Brady, candidate for Massachusetts State Auditor today responded to Auditor Suzanne Bump's decision to wade into a partisan political battle in the governor's race:

"Auditor Bump needs to spend less time on partisan politics in other statewide races, and more time getting her own house in order," said Brady. "Taxpayers deserve real and honest answers about her office's abuse of public resources to benefit her own campaign. Auditor Bump has a history of advancing her political interests on the backs of the taxpayers, and so her decision to wade into another political battle shows she just doesn't have her priorities straight."

Bump's Employees Improperly Engaged In Campaign Activity On State Time.

"Aides to Bump, when presented with the Globe’s findings about employees helping her campaign, would not identify which of the three did campaign work on public time, but Mike Wessler, a Bump spokesman, said that “appropriate immediate disciplinary action has been taken against the employee and their manager.”

Bump did not ask employees to perform the work for her, according to her office." (Matt Stout, "Galvin employees filed election papers during business hours," The Boston Globe, 5/9/18)

Bump Was Forced To Settle A Lawsuit With A Top Deputy Who Confronted Her Over Campaigning On State Time, And Taxpayers Were Forced To Pay The $115,000 Settlement

In 2014, former first deputy auditor Laura Marlin filed a lawsuit against Bump, alleging that she was fired after confronting Bump over campaign work being conducted in her official office. Bump defended herself, stating that she upheld all ethical standards in her office and had just reasons for firing Marlin. Bump’s challengers suggested that the lawsuit was cause for a criminal investigation. In 2015, Bump settled the lawsuit with Marlin for $115,000. (State House News Service, 8/6/14; Lowell Sun, 3/11/15)