Massachusetts GOP 2018 State Convention

[Photo credit: T&G Staff/Ashley Green]

[Photo credit: T&G Staff/Ashley Green]


Speech at Massachusetts GOP Convention 2018

My name is Helen Brady, and I’m excited and honored to be your Republican candidate for State Auditor! Thank you for your confidence and your support!

A little bit about me: I am a lifelong resident of Massachusetts and I grew up in South Weymouth. The youngest of seven children born to Jim and Helen Hoey—Let’s just say, there was never a dull moment in our home! After graduating from UMASS Amherst, I started working for the Boston Symphony Orchestra in the Finance Office in 1988. I worked my way up through the ranks of the BSO and am now Sales and Business Director for the Boston Pops.

Many of you are probably wondering “What’s nice girl from the BSO doing in politics?” It’s a great question and I am happy to share my answer.

You see, I was raised by parents who were of the Greatest Generation. My father served his country during World War II as an Army medic and fought alongside his countryman throughout Europe in the last years of the war.

My mother Helen, whom I was named after, (including the nickname Helcat) was a beautiful and feisty First Generation Irish lass who put the fear of God in all her children and always by our sides in good times and bad. She was as loyal as the day was long and always as generous a person as they come.

I became interested in politics in my twenties, and like many people in this room, I was raised a Democrat.

However, as my political views changed over time, so did my party affiliation. The funny thing is that my father, a true Reagan Democrat, and I often argued about politics, fiercely I might add. Despite our differences and his protests, he never let me down when I needed a sign holder for a campaign that I had volunteered to help with. Shortly before he passed away, I found that he and I agreed on almost everything when it came to politics…Yes, father did know best after all!

As the years went by and I started my own family I became more of a political spectator due to the demands of being the mother of four children and working full time. But, I continued to keep an eye on both local and national politics, of course scratching my head in disbelief at the state of affairs here in the Commonwealth, Democratic leadership run amok!

Then, during the spring of the 2016 election cycle, I attended a reception in which Representative Shaunna O’Connell was the keynote speaker. Shauna talked about the wasteful and irresponsible ways that Democrats on Beacon Hill were spending our hard earned tax dollars and resisting much needed reforms. At the time, I had been focused on national politics, but Shaunna's speech opened my eyes to what was going on right here in Massachusetts. It only intensified my belief that something had to be done—-it was time for ordinary people to step up and do their job as citizens of the Commonwealth and bring back a democracy to our state government.

Shaunna gave her own version of the “Ask not what your country can do for you speech.” as she urged everyone in that room to run for local office. And so, I went home and told my husband all about her speech. Before I could ask the question, he stopped me and said, “You’re not going to run for office are you?”

Knowing me all too well, he didn’t bother trying to talk me out of it— I was unstoppable. Casting all caution to the wind, I set my sights on giving my local State Representative a race for the ages. I went at my campaign with grit and gusto and was fortunate to have a foundation of friends and family who supported me and had my back at all times. Alas the 18 year-career incumbent won BUT she won’t be running again—lost the battle won the war!

After my 2016 campaign, I was gratified that I had thrown my hat in the ring and thought, well, I did my part. But, in all honesty, I knew I wasn’t done. Watching our nationally respected Republican Governor, Charlie Baker do his very best to root out waste, fraud, and abuse, amid the chaos that has become the norm of the democratic leadership on Beacon Hill, highlighted one thing

The Governor needs a deeper bench! So, I looked beyond my own district at an office that is supposed to be the tax payers watchdog and—I saw an incumbent state auditor who failed to meet the basic obligations of her office.

I saw an incumbent who failed to find the massive fraud at the MBTA that the Baker Administration was able to uncover.

Yet, at the same time, Auditor Bump gladly accepted a pay hike given to her by the Democratic politicians in the Legislature.

I took stock of the state of affairs, and came to a simple conclusion: The Baker-Polito team can’t do it alone - They need Republicans on their team to reform state government and fight for taxpayers!

After some encouragement from leaders in our Party, I decided to take the plunge. My professional resume and life experiences perfectly align with what is needed to succeed as State Auditor.

And let’s face it, Massachusetts has in Charlie Baker, the Tom Brady of Governors. He needs a fearless slot receiver like me who won’t back down. He needs a team player who will tackle the tough issues and help him deliver a better state government for all of us.

So, here I am standing in front of you all, very honored and very humbled to run as your candidate for State Auditor.

It is exciting and challenging for my family and me, but what has given me the courage and the determination to see this through is the image of an 18 year old kid from Somerville, dressed in his Army fatigues, in the Spring of 1943, heading to a land he knows nothing about and fighting for a cause he knows in his heart is just and good.

My father’s enduring spirit is and always has been the wind beneath my wings. It’s because of him that I have gotten involved in public service. He fought for our values, and for our democratic system of government. The least I can do is honor his memory and give back to my country and this Commonwealth, by throwing my hat in the ring and making our democracy stronger.

That’s why I’m honored and proud to accept your nomination for State Auditor.

Thank you and God Bless this party and God Bless the United States of America