THE Constitutional OFFICE OF STATE AUDITOR HAS UNLIMITED POTENTIAl. here is how I will help agencies spend money for the best results and value:

My first order of business will be to change the culture of an office that has been self-content and stuck in the last century and usher in an era of transformation. I will be proactive and aggressive in my crusade to eliminate fraud, waste and abuse. My office will drastically realign the priorities of our state agencies, leaving them no room for complacency  and eliminating the assumption that your tax dollars won’t be accounted for.

Value-based Government ensures that tax payers get the best bang for every tax buck spent. We must look at all agencies through a “results- based” lens, determine if they are providing the services, and if not,  figure out why.

We need to be a co-equal partner to the Legislature, Executive Branch and State Agencies with the goal of bringing all agencies up to 21st century first world standards. Here are a few of the issues and agencies that we can and must improve:

Mental Health Services

When you or a family member needs mental health services, do you get good value? This is an issue that is very personal to me. My brother, a successful lawyer and entrepreneur, suffered from mental health issues that lead him down a dark path. Results based protocol is necessary to weed out fraudulent providers to ensure that those seeking help are not put in the hands of bad actors.

Department of Children and Families

No family should be victim to a state agency that is supposed to help them. As tax payers we expect this vital agency to provide paths to success rather than add insult to injury in matters involving children. Misspent funds in the department not only is bad fiscal policy, it is a failure in our moral responsibility as stewards of God’s greatest creation, our kids.


As you drive to work (sit in traffic as I do) or ride the T, do you think the condition of our roads, traffic, parking, and the T deliver good value for your tax dollars? The Auditor should help the MBTA deliver good value and a good experience. I will support Governor Baker’s efforts to bring this 19th century relic up to 21st century standards.


The Commonwealth's investment in Chapter 70 education aid to local schools will reach an all-time high of $4.91 billion, an increase of $160.6 million over FY18 and $507 million since the Baker Administration took office. I am here to proactively help make sure we get the best value from this $4.91 billion dollar investment. I believe all schools, regardless of zip code, should be delivering the same high standards of education across the board.

University of Massachusetts

As a proud alumna of UMASS, I would like for students and tax payers alike to see the value in this institution. Unfortunately, continuous headlines and bad management-decisions continue to plague this great institution. As Auditor, I will work with President Meehan and his administration in providing helpful audits to bring our world-class institution to great heights.

Opioid/Drug Epidemic

The Auditor’s Office must take a leadership role in the fight against the epidemic of heroin and other drug overdoses that are plaguing our communities. Comparing and measuring the effectiveness of the many tax payer funded addiction treatment programs across the Commonwealth State Agencies will help establish effective and results- based programs. My initiative will encourage agencies to work together rather than in silos and eliminate those programs that are unable to deliver on false promises.